About me


  • CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vblazenka
  • E-mail: contact@vedran.co
  • Tech. stack: Anything that is suited for the job and that will help the business
  • Fields of interest: Design, Environment, Finances, Smart cities, Health


My journey in web industry started in 2014 with front-end internship at Bellabeat, first Croatian startup that was accepted to Y Combinator where I decided to pursue Front-End engineering as a career.

To be fair my journey started much sooner, in 2008 when I was in middleschool. I found about game programming and Python and that is where I decided to be a programmer one day.

Vedran is standing in front of the projector sheet and giving a presentation


These days when I’m not coding I like to organize meetups and workshops to help new developers navigate this vast space of development.

I love to learn about design, psychology, businesses, self-improvement, languages, history and pretty much anything you can throw at me.